Kae Tempest

What a Wonderful World

August 07 2020
Like so many yesterday I saw the 'news' that the poet and writer formerly known as Kate Tempest had identified as non...
Happy Woofday Card

NEW Greetings Card Designs: The Upgrade

August 07 2020
  A couple of weeks ago I designed some of my gorgeous Wool & Whiskers imagery as Greetings Cards and uploaded t...
Social Media Break

Knitting not Scrolling

July 30 2020
Today marks the start of my 'Digital Detox', a month long break from Social Media and despite the fact I find it pret...
Pawsome Card

Dogs in Bow Ties on Birthday Cards!

July 29 2020
I have made Greetings Cards! After so many requests from customers at markets over the years and then some much appre...
Dapper Mindy Curious Conversation

Curious Conversation #5: Dapper Mindy, Visual Activist

July 23 2020
Every Thursday I chat LIVE on Instagram with a curious individual, as part of an IGTV series called 'Curious Conversa...
J. Willgoose Esq. Curious Conversation

Curious Conversation #4: J. Willgoose Esq, Musician

July 23 2020
Every Thursday I chat LIVE on Instagram with someone I find interesting and/or inspiring from my garden studio in Ams...
Prano Bailey Bond

Curious Conversation #3: Prano Bailey Bond, Filmmaker

July 08 2020
Another Thursday and another Curious Conversation, this week was with the award wining director, writer and editor Pr...
Kim Haskins IGTV

Curious Conversation #2: Kim Haskins, Artist

July 08 2020
For my second LIVE Conversation I was delighted to be joined by artist Kim Haskins, famous for her fluffy, charismati...
Hannah McDonald Illustrator

Curious Conversation #1: Hannah McDonald, Illustrator

July 08 2020
Every Thursday I chat LIVE on Instagram with someone I find interesting and/or inspiring from my garden studio in Ams...
Wool & Water Garden Studio

Where The Bow Tie Magic Happens...

June 26 2020
You may have seen my recent Instagram post where I shared some imagery of my lovely garden studio  - the place where ...
De Oost Bespoke Tailoring

Bow Ties, Suspenders and...The Tailoring House Owner

June 12 2020
Jean-Paul Samson is the dapper and distinguished owner of De Oost Bespoke Tailoring, a uniquely classic meets contemp...
Smiling Girl in Knitted Bow Tie and Suspenders

#DressUpFriday and Enjoy Yourself!

March 27 2020
Every Friday I am participating in #DressUpFriday and encouraging you to join in. It is a scientific FACT that making...
Cocktail Party Invitation

I'm throwing a Cocktail Party!

March 19 2020
I would be delighted if you would stop by for a dapper and dandy good time while wearing your best duds, whatever tha...
Smiling Girl

Covid-19 Update: Still Knitting, Still Smiling!

March 18 2020
Hello all!I hope this impromptu newsletter finds you all well and healthy, feeling positive and calm. What a crazy co...

Wool & Water's Indie Biz Gift Guide

December 12 2019
It's getting to that stressful time when your list of loved ones feels overwhelming and you are running out of ideas ...
Wool & Water Christmas Market

Events: Christmas Market 20-23 Dec

November 25 2019
  Well this is VERY exciting! I shall be making my market return with this amazing looking festival of a Christmas m...
Wool & Water Studio

New St-St-Studio!

November 04 2019
My new Garden Studio is heeeerrreee!! (if you are so inclined, zoom into my face to see what sheer, non Insta cool EX...
Alice Pregnant

Maternity Leave & Thank You 2018

November 19 2018
I have been 'offline' for a few weeks now embracing maternity leave vibes and knitting for my yet-to-arrive daughter....
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