Embrace the Festive Season in Dapper Style!

NEW: Lapel Pins / Reversspeld

The Perfect Dapper Stocking Filler...!

Read all about the curiosity & creativity behind Artist Kim Haskin's famous Cat Paintings!

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Limited Edition

I only knit 25 of each designs, making each piece a limited edition item...

Is your Pet Dapper?

Oh yes, I'm talking Pet Bow Ties...

Unexpected Knitwear, designed & knit by Alice, a British actress based in Amsterdam.

The Wool & Water Skinny Ties

11 designs left to choose from, each one is made (by me) only 25 times so whichever you choose it'll be a Limited Edition piece!

Give the Unexpected Gift!



The Owner & Pet Festive Set..

Handmade & Natural

Knitted by Alice in 100% Natural Fibres; Cotton, Lambswool & Merino.

Meet Ben & Fred...