About Alice

Alice Wool & Water

Hello, I'm Alice and I'm a British actress who learnt to knit as a consequence of spending so much time filming, which to an actor means lots of waiting... I have cast on and off some of my proudest pieces while in corsets, flares or faux blood stained t-shirts!

My TV acting credits include; Ballot Monkeys, Jonathan Creek, Silent Witness, The Rotter's Club, Doctor Who, The Verdict, City of Vice, Outnumbered, Casualty, Doctors, Behind Closed Doors, Rough Crossings, Rose and Maloney, The Bill to name drop a few… I was knitting or learning to knit on all of these sets and more.

As I am still acting, some pieces will be knit and completed while in rehearsal rooms, film and TV sets or trailers. 

I was soon knitting for private clients, teaching and taking commissions including for various British Knitwear Designers and labels, alongside acting.  Nearly 10 years later, in 2013, I studied Knitwear Design (at the infamous Knit One in Brighton), relocated from London to Amsterdam and set up Wool & Water.  
I am now teaching here in Amsterdam so if you fancy learning to knit then here's the info and how to arrange your first lesson.

My many knitting adventures created a passion for natural fibres, the knitted textile and combining the traditional craft with a modern aesthetic.

I am an old soul who is inspired by both modern and classic forms of; music, film, fashion, art and travel. All of these art forms inspire me to create pieces anchored in heritage yet fresh in perspective.

My knitting needles revealed previously undiscovered streams of creativity and it has been this head turning experience that inspired the name Wool & Water. I always did believe I was Lewis Carroll’s Alice on some curious level…

"'Can you row?' the Sheep asked, handing her a pair of knitting-needles as she spoke.

'Yes, a little — but not on land — and not with needles —' Alice was beginning to say, when suddenly the needles turned into oars in her hands, and she found they were in a little boat, gliding along between banks..."

- Wool and Water, Through The Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll