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Dog's love a celebration. Their tails are made for them.

Birthdays, Weddings, Gotcha Days, Christmas - let me hand-make your Dog a Bow Tie for any and every occasion. Spark some serious smiles from all who spot your cutie in their strong, soft, easy to attach and washable Bow Tie.

Please note I am out of my studio 3-10 May, all orders placed within that period will be made and shipped from the 11th May.

A short haired domestic cat wearing a Pride Rainbow Knitted Bow Tie.

Rainbow / PRIDE Cat Bow Tie: Cat and Tiny Dogs


Rainbow / PRIDE Dog Bow Tie: Large Dog

Cat Bow Ties in Bright Rainbow colours from Red to Purple

RainBOW Ties : Cat - Tiny Dog (6 colours available)

Dog Bow Ties in Bright colours of the Rainbow

RainBOW Ties : S- M Dog (6 colours available)


The Love Bow Tie (Petrol Blue + Reds) : Cat/Tiny Dog


The Love Bow Tie (Blue + Reds): Small - Medium Dog

Dog Love Heart Bow Tie
Large Love Heart Bow Tie for Dogs

The Love Bow Tie (Petrol Blue + Reds): Large Dog

Green Knitted Cat and Dog Bow Ties laid flat beside cones of yarn
Tabby Cat in Bow Tie beside window

ECO Cat/Dog Bow Tie: Jade Green


Large Dog Bow Tie: Raspberry Mix


Large Dog Bow Tie: Wasabi Mix


Small - Medium Dog Bow Tie: Wasabi Mix


Small - Medium Dog Bow Tie: Raspberry Mix


Cat / Tiny Dog Bow Tie: Raspberry Mix


Cat / Tiny Dog Bow Tie: Wasabi Mix


Tiny Dog Bow Tie (4 colours available)


RainBOW Dog Bow Tie + Necklace Set (Special Edition)

9% Off
Matching Bow Ties for Dog and Dog Dad
3 Bright Knitted Bowties

Bow Tie Bundle: Dog + Hooman Set

Love Heart Brooch and Dog Set
Pink Love Heart Brooch in Box

Cat/Dog Love Heart + Pin Set: 3 Sizes Available