About Wool & Water

About Wool & Water


Individuality is in the details. Wool & Water offers curious and creative accents, handmade to order, especially for you.


Hello, my name is Alice and I am delighted to make your acquaintance.

Thank you for stopping by and being intrigued by my unexpected knitwear label. Let me share some details of interest regarding Wool & Water...

  • I hand-make every Bow Tie, Neck Tie, Bow Tie Pin, pair of Suspenders and Knitted Necklace to order from my lovely garden studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
  • Some of my designs may speak to your principles and values, some to your interests, sense of fun or maybe your colour preferences. All of them are Limited Edition pieces (only 25 made of every design) and celebrate creativity, curiosity and individuality.
  • My knitted Bow Ties, Neck Ties, Suspenders, Pins and Necklaces are all designed to express a spark of humour and a flash of originality. They are creative accents that inspire a second look, often ignite a conversation and potentially identify a kindred spirit.
  • I started Wool & Water in 2013 after many years knitting for indie labels and designers alongside acting in British TV and Theatre. I learnt to knit on various TV sets over 12 years ago (you can read specifically about me here).
  • I only knit with natural, sustainable fibres such as Lambswool, Merino, Cashmere and Eco Cotton. I source my cones from small, ethical suppliers in the UK. Most of my wool comes from major fashion houses that are clearing out what they consider dead stock, instead of heading to landfill (where it would decompose as it is a natural fibre), it comes to me and other fellow small knitwear labels.

Wool & Water Bow Ties, Suspenders, Bow Tie Pins and Neck Ties are designed as gender neutral pieces and for both a special occasion or to enhance your everyday style experience. 

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Why is it called Wool & Water?

My knitting needles revealed previously undiscovered streams of creativity and it has been this head turning experience that inspired the name Wool & Water, the name of a chapter in 'Through the Looking Glass'. I always did believe I was Lewis Carroll’s Alice on some curious level…

"'Can you row?' the Sheep asked, handing her a pair of knitting-needles as she spoke.

'Yes, a little — but not on land — and not with needles —' Alice was beginning to say, when suddenly the needles turned into oars in her hands, and she found they were in a little boat, gliding along between banks..."

- Wool and Water, Through The Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll

To learn more about me, visit the About Alice page.

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