About Wool & Water

Wool & Water is an unexpected knitwear label for modern curious dreamers, just like you.

Based in Amsterdam and launched in 2013 by Alice O’Connell, a British actress who learnt to knit on set over 12 years ago.

 Wool & Water seeks to celebrate your individual expression of style and personality. A Wool & Water piece is an outfit detail that communicates a spark of humour and a flash of originality. Handcrafted accents that inspire a second look, ignite a conversation and identify a kindred spirit.

Each and every piece is handmade by Alice on a hand powered domestic knitting machine (circa 1979), hand seamed and carefully finished.  Wool & Water pieces are knitted from only natural fibres, showcasing the beautiful and varied qualities of Wool & Cotton.

Alice makes only 25 pieces of every design, meaning each one is a limited edition item so each piece comes with it's specific edition tag.

Wool & Water’s unexpected knitwear pieces are designed to be gender neutral and for both a special occasion or to enhance your everyday experience. Knitted from only natural fibres they are both special and hardy. Looked after well, they will last a lifetime.

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"My knitting needles revealed previously undiscovered streams of creativity and it has been this head turning experience that inspired the name Wool & Water. I always did believe I was Lewis Carroll’s Alice on some curious level…"

- Alice

"'Can you row?' the Sheep asked, handing her a pair of knitting-needles as she spoke.

'Yes, a little — but not on land — and not with needles —' Alice was beginning to say, when suddenly the needles turned into oars in her hands, and she found they were in a little boat, gliding along between banks..."

- Wool and Water, Through The Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll

To learn more about Alice, visit the About Alice Page.

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