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PRIDE Bow Ties for all!

Celebrate diversity with my PRIDE Bow Tie Collection! Knit to order in premium quality yarns. The PRIDE Bow Ties feature bold and colourful designs that are perfect for any occasion. From rainbow stripes to trans flag colours, show your support for the LGBTQ+ community with my stylish and comfortable PRIDE Bow Tie Collection.

100% of all profits from any PRIDE design will be donated to LGBTQ charity Stonewall.


Rainbow Bow Tie: PRIDE


Transgender Flag Bow Tie: PRIDE

Pride Mini Bow Tie Pins in Rainbow and Transgender colours

PRIDE: Mini Bow Tie Pin


PRIDE: Mini Bow Tie Necklace

A short haired domestic cat wearing a Pride Rainbow Knitted Bow Tie.

Rainbow / PRIDE Cat Bow Tie: Cat and Tiny Dogs


Rainbow / PRIDE Dog Bow Tie: Large Dog


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