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Online Knitting Classes 

I am teaching my knitting classes online. This means you can join me from anywhere and learn a new, anxiety beating skill. I am also launching a new website where all my lessons will be housed going forward, sign up for updates HERE

GIFT VOUCHERS for my Knitting Lessons are available to buy here


I have been teaching people how to knit since 2004. Individual private clients, group classes and at the famous I Knit London. I am now based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and love spreading the knit addiction!

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Knitting Lessons Amsterdam

 Hand Knitting:

Always fancied learning how to rustle up a blanket/scarf/hat or maybe a jumper? My beginner course equips you with all the skills you will need to do all of this and more! Want to learn with some friends? - No problem!

All my courses and classes, Group (4 people max) and Private 1:1 classes are available as online classes during the Coronavirus crisis. Once it is over (because it will be over one day) I shall continue both my in-person classes in Amsterdam and online lessons.

Group Classes: 3-4 people max

Spaces are limited to keep the classes personal and relaxed, if you wish to sign up for a lesson please let me know as soon as possible as there is continuous interest. 

Below you will find details of each class for you to consider.

Please note there is no obligation to book all 4 classes, try 1 and see what you think!



Location: ONLINE

Duration: 90 mins per class

Online Group Class Cost: €25 per person (inc BTW), per class
(In Person Group Class Cost: €30 per person, per class)

Private Lesson Cost: €35 per person (inc BTW), per class
(In Person Private Lesson Cost: €40 per person, per class)

To Book: email me at alice@woolandwater.nl 

The Beginner-Intermediate Knitting Course:

Please note that you will need to have Lessons 1&2 skills in order to book Lessons 3&4

LESSON 1: Introduction to Yarn & Knitting, Casting On (beginning), the Knit stitch and Casting Off (finishing) 

LESSON 2: The Purl stitch and mixing the 2 stitches, Stockinette Stitch Pattern, Rib Stitch Pattern, Moss Stitch Pattern. Undoing Stitches 

LESSON 3: Colour Changing/Stripes, Beginner Colourwork, Joining New Yarn & Introduction to Yarn weights & fibres 

LESSON 4: Shaping Methods: 3x Increases, 3x Decreases, Introduction to Pattern Reading (this class includes 2 patterns which I send you in advance). 

Upon booking and payment I will send you a link to join me online for your agreed class.

I will ask at the start of the knitting lesson whether you would like a recording of the class which I will send you afterwards along with a follow up email of the skills we covered.

PRIVATE 1:1 LESSONS are also available, please contact me to check availability.

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me - I hope to have you happily knitting in one of my lessons soon!

To book or discuss further please email me: alice@woolandwater.nl




Let's Get Circular: An Introduction to Circular Knitting

Made yourself and your entire family a scarf and now want to add hats & socks your collection? You will need to know how to knit in the round and that is what this class will teach you.
I will show you the 3 different ways to achieve tubular knitting, allowing you to experiment with whichever one suits you best.
  • How to use a Circular Needles
  • Magic Loop Method
  • How to use Double Pointed Needles

Please note: to attend this class you need to be proficient in Casting On, the Knit stitch and Casting Off. If you are not, please consider my Beginner Knitting Classes above.*

CLASS DURATION: 90 mins (approx)


1x 40cm Circular Needle + 1x 80cm Circular Needle + 1x Set of DPN Needles + 1x Ball of Yarn

PRICE: €40 per person (inc BTW) 
DATE + TIME: Flexible, let me know when suits you!

To book your place please email me at info@woolandwater.nl



Let's Talk About Socks : An Online Beginner Sock Class

Fancy knitting socks but keep getting cold feet? Sign up to my 3 part online course (with knitting homework in-between lessons) and I will de-mystify this very addictive garment for you. Using a beginner sock pattern I have designed, I will start you on your cuff down sock, walk you through your heel and gusset before helping you finish your toe.

Please note: to attend this class you need to be proficient in either using DPNs or the Magic Loop method. If you need guidance with either of these please consider my Circular Knitting Class (see above).

This course requires a time commitment as homework is necessary between each lesson. For that reason lessons will be spaced out every 2 weeks.

Group classes limited to 4 students max. with Private 1:1 classes available by arrangement.

Each class will be recorded (assuming every student consents) and sent to you as a visual homework aid.

DATES + TIMES:  Flexible, let me know when suits you!

Starting the cuff down sock and leg, and my guided instructions as to how to knit the Heel Flap.

Homework: completing the leg and knitting the Heel Flap.


    Turning the Heel and starting the Gusset (this is my favourite thing to do in knitting ever).

    Homeworkcompleting the Gusset and knitting the foot length.

    LESSON 3:

      Shaping the Toe and Finishing your first sock! Hooray and cue 'Footloose' for a celebratory one sock dance!

      All that is left is for you to do it all again to complete the pair :)


      Online Group Class Price: €90* per person (inc BTW) for each 3x90 min group class course (€30 per class).

      Online Private Class Price: €120 per person (inc BTW) for each 3x90 min group class course (€40 per class). 

      *If you are a current/former student of mine please contact me for a special discounted rate.

      • Any Sock weight/4ply yarn (1xSkein: 350-400 metres)
      • 2.5mm DPNs or 80cm Circular Needles
      • 2.75mm DPNs or 80cm Circular needles
      • A Stitch Marker (a medium safety pin will also work)
      As always I am happy to answer questions about materials, places to buy etc. As many of you know sock yarn is my not so secret addiction!

      Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me - I hope to have you happily knitting in one of my lessons soon!

      To book or discuss further please email me: alice@woolandwater.nl



      "Learning how to knit with Alice was an absolute pleasure not to mention so rewarding : in just 3/4 classes you are equipped with the essential techniques to start knitting. Alice would adapt to everyone's level and personal objective with great patience and pedagogy. It was super fun and relax but at the same time, I was so happy to start making real stuffs! She also gave us so many tips like where to look online, where to buy great yarns etc. I absolutely recommend!"

      - Maelle

      "I have been following Alice’s knitting lessons lately and it amazes me how much I’ve learned in just a very few hours. Right after our first lesson I could already make a simple scarf in garter stitch and after two lessons I managed to make a jumper for my son! I didn’t expected it to be so easy but Alice makes it very easy. Her explanations are very insightful and clear, she provides with lots of handy tips, and knitting together with her is real fun."

      - Conchi  

      "Learning how to knit with Alice was fun and insightful. She absolutely loves what she does, so her explanations and lessons make you fall in love with knitting from the very first lesson. I have knitted a scarf for my grandma straight after finishing the classes - what a pleasure it was to knit it myself and give it for her as a present!"

      - Anastasia

      "Alice is a brilliant teacher and I absolutely enjoyed all of my classes with her! She is patient and enthusiastic and her passion for knitting is contagious. I was crafty when I was younger but seemed to have lost the spark for it in the last few years. I'm very happy I chose to renew that energy for craft with knitting & Alice was excellent in encouraging me. Since I finished my classes, I have continued to knit and am a proud owner of a self-knitted blanket! I strongly recommend Alice if you are interested in learning a new skill in a fun way."

      - Anusha

      "Alice is a dedicated, patient and fun teacher. After only three sessions, she managed us to give us the confidence to explore the knitting world by ourselves. We were complete beginners and we loved it!"

      - Marine 

      "Alice has a passion for anything related to wool and needles and that includes her students.

      Looking for presents to take back to my friends' babies in Bucharest, I discovered some gorgeous knitted baby shoes and realized that this might be one of the nicest presents one might give. The only problem was that I had no idea how to make them and I believed one would only be able to knit them after at least a year of knitting experience. But I decided to google it...and Alice's website showed up. After only two lessons I was able to knit them. And that was thanks to Alice's way of making me realize that knitting is a lot about putting your feelings into the things you do. Because this is how she works. And she works great!

      It turned out to be the best present I gave myself (and it was not even planned for me)."

      - Catalina  (see what Catalina knitted during our lessons here)

      "I enjoyed every minute of our lovely lessons and I especially enjoyed Alice's company and the entertaining chats with all the ladies.

      Alice is warm and easy to take instruction from.  Her instructions are always clear and straight forward.

      Alice is a natural born teacher with an encouraging word always at hand."

      - Jonilla  

       Alice is a fabulous teacher: she's patient, kind and full of energy! From our first lesson she made me feel that I could totally do this, even if I hadn't been knitting for almost 15 years...I enjoyed every minute of our lessons: she removed all the obstacles between me and my creative side, which is what great teachers do! Needless to say that I highly recommend her knitting course!  

      - Valentina