Lapel Pin Gift Voucher


This piece is currently sold out.

Can't decide on which Lapel Pin design ? Maybe you want to give someone else a Wool & Water Pin as a gift but are not sure which one they would choose themselves?

With a Wool & Water Lapel Pin Gift Voucher you can have it sent directly to your loved one with a handwritten message from you to them. Each voucher is valid for up to 12 months so there is no rush or pressure on them to decide (and of course they can choose to spend the value on whatever piece they wish, it doesn't have to be a Lapel Pin).

The Gift Voucher features exclusive illustrations of Wool & Water pieces by Amsterdam based artist Hannah McDonald and is shipped out the next working day in a textured Kraft envelope to whichever address you choose.

Please note the voucher values do not include shipping costs for the final purchase as they vary from country zone.

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