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These Dog and Cat Bow Ties have no flaws and come fully packaged. They are simply the result of colour experiments which I would do to test out new ideas at physical markets. As part of #SuperSecondsSaturday 2020 I am making these pieces available to buy at a 50% discount.


A Wool & Whiskers Cat/Tiny Dog Bow Tie is a handcrafted collar attachment. Knitted by me in a blend of soft yet strong natural and sustainable fibres. Rest assured your Cat / Dog Bow Tie is comfortable and of course dapper!

The Bow Wow Tie simply attaches to the Cat or Dog's collar via an elastic popper attachment. Comfortable for your furbaby and easy for you to attach and detach without the need to remove their collar.

The CAT/TINY Dog size Bow Tie suits all Cats and Tiny Dogs of a similar size to:

- Chihuahuas

- Miniature Dachshunds

- Teacup Yorkies

The S-M size suits dogs of a similar size to:

 - French Bulldogs

 - Scottish Terriers

 - Pugs

 - King Charles and Springer Spaniels

 - Corgis

 - Beagles

The LARGE size suits dogs of a similar size to:

 - Labradors

 - Retrievers

 - Great Danes

 - Alsatians

 - Australian Sheepdogs

 - Irish Wolfhounds

Suitable for sponge and/or hand-washing. Designed for occasional use (Birthdays, Quarantined Conference Calls, Family Celebrations).


Should you wish for me to send the Bow Tie directly to a friend/loved one as a gift on your behalf, rest assured there are no prices visible on the piece or in the package. 

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