Magenta: Lapel Pin


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A Wool & Water piece is an outfit detail that communicates a spark of humour and a flash of originality. Handcrafted accents that inspire a second look, ignite a conversation and identify a kindred spirit.

The Lapel Pins, like all Wool & Water pieces, are knit to order by Alice in Cotton (mainly Eco Cotton), handsewn & currently available in 8 designs - Bespoke options on request.

With only 25 made of each design, each one is a limited edition item & comes individually boxed with it's edition number handwritten. 

The Platinum plated Pin is 50mm in length & the knitted Bow Tie is 22mm high & 37mm wide (approximately). Due to the handmade nature this can vary slightly from piece to piece. 

Please note that you are purchasing a unique handmade product so please allow 2 days for me to knit your Lapel Pin before it is dispatched.

Lapel Pin order delivery rates & options available here

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