The Carroll: Bow Tie (Wool Blend)

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The Print Collection

Featuring 6 individual designs, 3 knitted in Cotton and 3 knitted in a Lambswool/Merino blend. Each design is named after a famously curious and dapper figure.

Inspired by the literary genius Lewis Carroll, author of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass' (where Wool & Water takes it's name).

Carroll is known for his word play, sense of fantasy and vivid imagination his 'Alice' is a literary celebration of curiosity.  I personally love how her adventures reveal the fragile interplay between light and dark.

A modern take on his muses and inspiration has made Mr Carroll a somewhat controversial figure but his curiosity in the fields of story telling, photography, art and mathematics are undeniable.

Knitted in a Lambswool/Merino blend, adjustable & pre-tied with Nickel hardware & Cotton lining.

Knitted & designed by Alice all are Limited Edition Pieces with only 25 made of each design.

Please note that you are purchasing a unique handmade product so please allow 7 days for me to knit your piece before it is dispatched.

All orders are shipped gift wrapped, please specify in the order notes (in shopping cart) if you want the price removed from the piece before wrapping.

Handcrafted, Individual & Awesome.  

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