The Wilde: Bow Tie (Cotton)

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The Print Collection

Featuring 6 individual designs, 3 knitted in Cotton and 3 knitted in a Lambswool/Merino blend. Each design is named after a famously curious and dapper figure.

Inspired by the Irish playwright, novelist and poet Oscar Wilde.

Known for being controversial, flamboyant and debonair, Wilde's use of language and wit still entrances, entertains and delights. Wilde was an advocate of socialism, feminism & considered himself an anarchist.

Despite Wilde's homosexuality being an open secret, he pursued a libel case which ended up dramatically backfiring. He was convicted (under the charge of 'gross indecency') and imprisoned to two years hard labour in 1895. He never fully recovered from the experience, physically, mentally and professionally.

Knitted in Cotton, adjustable & pre-tied, with Nickel hardware & Cotton lining.

Knitted & designed by Alice all are Limited Edition Pieces with only 25 made of each design.

Please note that you are purchasing a unique handmade product so please allow 7 days for me to knit your piece before it is dispatched.

Handcrafted, Individual & Awesome.  

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