PRIDE: Lapel Pin


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50% of the total sale price of each PRIDE Lapel Pin will be donated to Stonewall the LGBT Charity raising awareness, offering support and fighting against discrimination all over the world.

PRIDE Bow Ties & Dog Bow Wow Ties also available.

A Wool & Water piece is an outfit detail that communicates a spark of humour and a flash of originality. Handcrafted accents that inspire a second look, ignite a conversation and identify a kindred spirit.

The Lapel Pins, like all Wool & Water pieces, are knit to order by Alice in Cotton (mainly Eco Cotton), handsewn & currently available in 8 designs - Bespoke options on request.

With only 25 made of each design, each one is a limited edition item & comes individually boxed with it's edition number handwritten. 

The Platinum plated Pin is 50mm in length & the knitted Bow Tie is 22mm high & 37mm wide (approximately). Due to the handmade nature this can vary slightly from piece to piece. 

Please note that you are purchasing a unique handmade product so please allow 2 days for me to knit your Lapel Pin before it is dispatched.

Lapel Pin order delivery rates & options available here

For more information about Stonewall, their campaigns and how you can help please visit: Stonewall

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