The Bentley: Bow Tie (Wool Blend)


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Featuring 6 individual designs, 3 knitted in Cotton and 3 knitted in a Lambswool/Merino blend. Each design is named after a famously curious and dapper figure. 

Inspired by the famous cross dressing American Blues singer Gladys Bentley (born 1907).

Bentley's career blew up once she started performing at Harry Hansberry's Clam House, one of the most famous gay speakeasies of the 1920's. Her signature costume was a bow tie, tuxedo & top hat and she regularly performed with a chorus line of drag queens.

Bentley was an integral member of the Harlem Renaissance movement, an explosion of creativity in the African American community involving; music, arts, literature and sexual expression. Gladys was an openly gay performer who endured a great deal of harassment for not conforming to mainstream society's view of women and African Americans. Gladys Bentley represented a true celebration of female masculinity. 

Knitted in a Lambswool/Merino blend, adjustable & pre-tied, with Nickel hardware & Cotton lining. 

Knitted & designed by Alice all are Limited Edition Pieces with only 25 made of each design.

Please note that you are purchasing a unique handmade product so please allow 7 days for me to knit your piece before it is dispatched.

All orders are shipped gift wrapped, please specify in the order notes (in shopping cart) if you want the price removed from the piece before wrapping.

 Handcrafted, Individual & Awesome.  

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