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Alice Wool & Water


December 31 2017
I am writing this in my Amsterdam home studio mere hours from the last of the year and from the start of another. The...
Skinny Tie Sale

Spring Skinny Tie Sale!

April 08 2017
It's Spring & there's a SALE on selected Skinny Tie Designs - hooray! Skinny Tie Sale now on here
Wool & Water Limited Edition

Going, Going....

August 17 2016
    Don't miss out!  
Rogues & Brogues for Wool & Water

The Curious Interview: Rogues + Brogues

July 14 2016
Ian Megrath aka Rogues + Brogues blogs about all things that he enjoys and explores as a modern day Dapper gent from ...
W+K Yarn Bomb

Wool & Water for Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

July 11 2016
3 days prep & design, 58+ hours of knitting, 7.5 hours installation and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam has officially...
J. Willgoose Esq

The Curious Interview: J. Willgoose Esq of Public Service Broadcasting

May 06 2016
 "The Bentley" You may know that J. Willgoose Esq, frontman of awesome British band Public Service Broadcasting dons ...

Daisy Ashford & 'The Ashford'

May 02 2016
 Daisy Ashford, child author of 'The Young Visiters' and namesake of 'The Ashford', wrote her novel in 1890 when she ...
Wool & Water Print Collection

Introducing The Print Collection

April 13 2016
On Monday 25th April the new Print Collection of Bow Ties will be available to all and I could not be more excited to...

Exciting New Retailers!!

March 25 2016
Delighted to share the news I have been sitting on for weeks now!! Wool & Water is now available in BOTH East &am...

Bon Voyage Curious Knits!

March 16 2016
Today is a big day, a big shipping day as the orders from the new London retailers head off for their new homes in Ea...

Dapper Christmas Portraits: People & Their Pets

December 04 2015
Inspired by the awesome Duncan Gidney and the Dapper People & their Pets portrait series he made celebrating the ...

It's Time to Use the 'C' Word....!

November 23 2015
Yup, it's coming. The festive songs are playing, the lights are twinkling and the smell of mince pies is becoming irr...

Come Get Some Dapper!

October 19 2015

WIN a Bow Wow Tie!!

October 07 2015
We are TWO years old today & we just broke 500 page likes on Facebook so we're having a RAFFLE! Stay Curious!

Duncan Gidney: Dapper Owner & Pet Portraits

September 24 2015
Photographer Duncan Gidney has taken an awesome series of portrait photographs celebrating our matching Owner & P...