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Dapper Mindy Curious Conversation

Curious Conversation #5: Dapper Mindy, Visual Activist

July 23 2020
Every Thursday I chat LIVE on Instagram with a curious individual, as part of an IGTV series called 'Curious Conversa...
Smiling Girl in Knitted Bow Tie and Suspenders

#DressUpFriday and Enjoy Yourself!

March 27 2020
Every Friday I am participating in #DressUpFriday and encouraging you to join in. It is a scientific FACT that making...
Cocktail Party Invitation

I'm throwing a Cocktail Party!

March 19 2020
I would be delighted if you would stop by for a dapper and dandy good time while wearing your best duds, whatever tha...
Wool & Water x Dutch Dandy

Exclusive Designs for Dutch Dandy

April 22 2018
You may have spotted from some of my Instagram posts that I was working on some exclusive designs for Dutch Online st...
Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dapper Dad Gift Ideas

June 07 2017
Father's Day is just around the corner, yes Sunday 18th June - go on & make a note in your diary right now, nobod...
Ethical Brands for Groom

Brands For the Ethical Groom...

April 18 2017
  As you know I am very proud that W&W is a fair fashion, sustainable brand. This is becoming increasingly import...
Wool & Water Wedding

Wool & Water Wedding Shoot Part 1: London

April 09 2017
On a very cold but bright February day in London, some incredibly brilliant people came together to create a W&W ...
Skinny Tie Sale

Spring Skinny Tie Sale!

April 08 2017
It's Spring & there's a SALE on selected Skinny Tie Designs - hooray! Skinny Tie Sale now on here
Sanne den Besten for Wool & Water

The Curious Interview: Sanne den Besten

November 12 2016
Sanne den Besten is the first Actress and the first Dutch national to be featured in The Curious Interviews! I know -...
Rogues & Brogues for Wool & Water

The Curious Interview: Rogues + Brogues

July 14 2016
Ian Megrath aka Rogues + Brogues blogs about all things that he enjoys and explores as a modern day Dapper gent from ...

Exciting New Retailers!!

March 25 2016
Delighted to share the news I have been sitting on for weeks now!! Wool & Water is now available in BOTH East &am...

Dapper Christmas Portraits: People & Their Pets

December 04 2015
Inspired by the awesome Duncan Gidney and the Dapper People & their Pets portrait series he made celebrating the ...

Duncan Gidney: Dapper Owner & Pet Portraits

September 24 2015
Photographer Duncan Gidney has taken an awesome series of portrait photographs celebrating our matching Owner & P...

Look Book 2015 is coming....

July 29 2015

The PRIDE Bow Tie

July 22 2015
Get your Dapper Rainbow on with our PRIDE Bow Tie!   Available from the Bow Tie collection page...
Wool & Water Pet Bow Tie

Dapper Pets Galore!

March 11 2015
As you may know Wool & Water is proud to be a regular at The Indie Brands: Local Goods Market in Amsterdam. It's ...

How to Avoid a Dapper Disaster...

February 04 2015
Never forget's that simple.

Exclusive Andaz Bow Wow Ties!

December 17 2014
It's been a crazy couple of months for W&W hence the slow blog posts, we've become quite the regular atthe fabulo...
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