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Curious Interview Hannah McDonald

The Curious Interview: Hannah McDonald

January 31 2018
Hannah McDonald is a pen & ink illustrator who kept her talent somewhat hidden under a bushel until recently. Han...
Petra Benach

The Curious Interview: Petra Benach

May 05 2017
Petra Benach is an abstract mixed media artist and one of the founding members of The Women's March Movement in The N...
Sanne den Besten for Wool & Water

The Curious Interview: Sanne den Besten

November 12 2016
Sanne den Besten is the first Actress and the first Dutch national to be featured in The Curious Interviews! I know -...
Wool & Water Podcast List Part Two

The Wool & Water Podcast List: Part Two

October 11 2016
In August I shared Part One, which were 5 of the 10 podcasts I regularly listen to as I knit your orders. I promised ...
Lisa Campbell Curious Interview

The Curious Interview: Lisa Campbell

September 15 2016
 How to describe Lisa Campbell without using the words Wonder Woman? Lisa is a Brit in Sydney and one of the hottest ...
Wool & Water Podcast Love

The Wool & Water Podcast List: Part One

August 20 2016
As you know I spend many many hours knitting and sewing your Dapper Bow Ties, Skinny Ties and Bretels/Suspenders and ...
Geoff Breton Wool & Water Bow Tie

The Curious Interview: Geoffrey Breton

August 18 2016
Geoffrey Breton is an actor, director and filmmaker. His many acting credits include; The Diary of Anne Frank, The De...
Rogues & Brogues for Wool & Water

The Curious Interview: Rogues + Brogues

July 14 2016
Ian Megrath aka Rogues + Brogues blogs about all things that he enjoys and explores as a modern day Dapper gent from ...

Exclusive & Official: Public Service Broadcasting Bow Ties

June 22 2015
As you may remember last month I told you I had made an exclusive & official range of Bow Ties for fans of awesom...