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Curious Conversation #6: Andy Greenacre, Artist and Makers Market From Home Founder

Curious Conversation with Andy Greenacre

In July I hosted a LIVE Curious Conversation on Instagram every Thursday with a curious, creative individual. A live, unplanned conversation to celebrate curiosity, creativity and individuality. All the values I champion with my knitted Bow Ties, Suspenders and Skinny Ties.

The incredible artist Andy Greenacre aka @andygreenacre, creative talent galore, printmaker behind @unruly_print and founder of the superb online market Makers Market From Home (@makersmarketfromhome) jumped in to have a Curious Conversation with me at short notice.

It was a superb Conversation about the power of play, creating confidence, privilege, conversations as bridge builders, the impact of being open and honest and the importance of acknowledging cultural differences.

I loved it and know you will too. Thank you Andy and thank you to all who joined us LIVE!

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