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It's Netherlands Wool Week!

You may remember that last year for The Campaign for Wool, Netherlands Wool Week I undertook a massive yarn bomb for International Creative Agency, 180 Amsterdam...well this year I was asked to come up with some more knit graffiti and so I made Bench Cosies!

I designed 4 cushions that resonated with this year's theme, 'The Many Faces of Wool' and installed them on 4 different benches around Amsterdam. Each one had a tag explaining which wool was used to make it; Lambswool, Merino, Alpaca or Wensleydale and with the #benchcosy for those that wanted to share images if they found them.

So far a few people have shared their bench cosy discovery, I hope they are all still out there but who knows, that's the nature of a yarn bomb, you design it, make it and then have to let it go, give it to the world to enjoy or remove... 

Luckily, whatever happens to them we made a film! A really cool looking film which involved me cycling from destination to destination while wearing a huge rig on my back...

If you spot a bench cosy please share a pic using #benchcosy 

Stay Curious!

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