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Lambswool, Merino & Cashmere - Oh My! *

Today at Wool & Water HQ we took receipt of a very exciting delivery, new fat cones of yarn! Beautiful new colours all in either lambswool, merino or...the newest of new additions to the Wool & Water treasure chest - Cashmere and Lambswool blend!

Mmmm doesn't it just make you want to instantly snuggle up, it will be so cosy! Or as I now know how to say in Dutch, gezellig. Nice word isn't it, it sounds cosy and warm too.

I will be knitting it all up in new designs just as soon as I finish filming on Jonathan Creek. I am about to return to London to finish filming my episode and I'm really looking forward to it. There'll be a whole blog post dedicated to my knitting adventures while on set, I achieved a knitting/acting first which has made me smile all week.

So for now I will have to be content with simply sorting all the new cones into their colour palette boxes, ready to be played with when I get back.


* to be said out loud Dorothy stylee, 'Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My!'


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